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Zombie Parade Postponed

Dear Prospective Zombie Paraders,

Due to a rainy forecast, the zombie parade has been postponed.  We will reschedule and be in touch with you soon.

Thanks for your interest!

Til soon,


May 8th Zombie Parade

On Saturday, May 8th, the Bull Moose Movement will put together a must-see spectacle combining some good ol’ street theatre and some healthy and much-needed civics discussion.  On this day we will hold the first of many zombie parades at the historic and revolutionary-spirited Tompkins Square park.  What’s a zombie parade you say?  The Bull Moose Movement believes that unlike what the Supreme Court would like to have us believe, corporations are not people.  Much like zombies, corporations do have some people-like qualities.  Like zombies, most corporations are parasitic in their nature, draining the resources of their hosts, namely our communities, with an insatiable fervor.  Therefore, in order to expose their true nature, we will choose the greediest, sleaziest corporations on the planet, you know, the ones that corrupt our democracy by bribing our elected officials and ultimately shape our laws and policies for their benefit at the detriment of society, and we will personify them in the form of creepy, blood-thirsty zombies.

So grab your craziest zombie gear and join us on May 8th at 2 p.m.  Our hope is that our antics will help start a conversation.  It’s time our communities empower themselves by verbalizing the issues that are hindering their progress.  Together, we can learn from each other.

Today’s Stories of Interest

Even after 3 bailouts, we continued to inadequately regulate Citigroup. When is enough enough?

Will Obama step up to the plate and appoint a true progressive upon Justice Stevens’s resignation? The stakes are higher than ever!

Beneath the surface of the Virginia mining tragedy, lies a prime example highlighting the need for campaign finance laws:

Breaking up the banks for the sake of change. Will you break up with your bank?

Scary numbers behind Haitian relief funds. From the money pledged by the U.S., 40 cents on every dollar goes to the U.S. military, less than one cent goes to the Haitian government, and contracts to help rebuild are being awarded to U.S. private contractors. Hmmm…

Today’s Stories of Interest

The truth is out- Sean Hannity’s “Freedom Concerts” are a scam that
takes allows him and his family luxury travel and provides injured
soldiers almost nothing. Why is this not surprising at all?

Dodd’s new not-so-independent Consumer Financial Protection Agency :

47,000 new reasons to pass the health care bill!

Greenspan admits he did “very little” to prevent the banking crisis, but claims it wasn’t his fault:

Civilian contractors wounded on injured in Iraq, now in financial ruins, take on AIG:

Today’s Stories of Interest

Dan Firger and Janos Marton’s Op-Ed Piece on The Huffington Post!! Why We Need a New Bull Moose Movement:

What if a mass of citizens owned the banks? Imagine that!

No decorum left in SCOTUS. Not surprising either.

A message of fear to those brave enough to blow the whistle on the big banks:

Interesting stuff, eh?