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Today’s Stories of Interest

The Executive Director of National Nurses United talks about the need to reform health-care down the road:

In unsurprising major news, a dozen Wall Street firms have been named as co-conspirators in ripping off towns and municipalities across the country. The DoJ may even take action:

Even as we pat Democrats on the back for passing some type of health-care coverage expansion, let’s remember why Big Pharma cheered on the bill’s passage:

Unions Make Strides as They Attack Banks:

Great article by retired Lt. Col. William Astore on the utter waste in Pentagon weapons spending since 2001. A must read for anyone who cares about the budget deficit, fraud, or the military industrial complex.,_you_have_no_say_about_your_military/#more
Today’s stories are of particular interest. Feast Away!

Today’s Stories of Interest

An in depth and fascinating look at our Social Security system. The next time someone tells you that it’s running out of money, here’s the reason why: Daily Kos: Who Is Our Biggest Creditor? Hint: It’s Not Japan or China

Check out Open Congress- a bill requiring information that is “publicly available” to actually be publicly available, by having the government post it online: H.R.4858: Public Online Information Act of 2010 – U.S. Congress – OpenCongress

An era of greater government transparancy? Apparently not…. Federal agencies under Obama invoking secrecy provision more often than under Bush:

and more….

Health insurance companies spend millions to push Congress against public option reform (, meanwhile, financially-strapped states cut Medicaid payments ( Whose interests will win — those of corporations or everyday Americans?

The Columbia Journalism Review says this blog deserves credit for scooping the mainstream media on the real story behind the financial crisis- the role of Timothy Geithner:

Warning: Clicking on these links may cause enlightenment in some readers

Today’s Stories of Interest

Corporate seduction and intimidation at its best:

House Dems block earmarks to for-profits:

DC residents fight corporate giveaways for a defense contractor:

Mass incarceration of people of color = new Jim Crow

Increased corporate spending on election ads will be less than transparent:

You read it… you can’t unread it!

Today’s Stories of Interest

Disney can’t handle the heat, forces mental health center to kick out critical childhood advocacy group:

Dennis Kucinich: the sole liberal in the House that won’t support the health care bill before congress if it doesn’t include a public option. “This bill represents a giveaway to the insurance industry – $70 billion dollars a year, and no guarantees of any control over premiums, forcing people to buy private insurance,… five consecutive
years of double-digit premium increases.”

The revolving door keeps on spinnin’ – former DNC Chief Counsel to advise corporations on new campaign finance law landscape:

Today’s winner and losers: Senate kills summer jobs program and benefits for the poor with 45 votes; Schumer plans to join Republicans and centrist Dems in killing Wall Street bonus tax: