Upcoming Dates for the Bull Moose Movement

For more details for all events, please email us at

March 22nd: Third set of organizational meetings.  Details on time and location forthcoming.  Hold a meeting with your friends and allies to talk about ways to bring better civic education to your neighborhood.

April 15:  UnConventional Citizens United Day of Action!  We’ll be teaming up with other members of the We The People Coalition, holding actions across the country in protest of the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United.

May: Tea Parties Begin!  We will begin having tea parties in parks across the country.  For details email

May 15:  Zombie Parade and Community Teach-in (NYC area). Please email for details.

May 22: Wizard of Oz Screening, Bull Moose Tavern (NYC- 44th street btw 8th and 9th Ave.).   Details coming soon.

Memorial Day Weekend/following week:  With Congress in recess, you can be sure to find us making our voices heard at town halls around the country.

August 7:  Celebrating the 98th anniversary of the Bull Moose Party with a rip-roaring event somewhere awesome.

August 28: Glenn Beck gives speech on refounding America at the Lincoln Memorial (Washington D.C).  He had to do it on the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech.  Sounds like a roadtrip…


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