Question: Why Bull Moose?

Answer:  The Bull Moose Movement is channeling the spirit of the 1912 Bull Moose Party.  Formed 100 years ago, the Bull Moose Party, headed by Teddy Roosevelt, ran the strongest third party candidacy in history on a pro-reform, pro-worker, anti-corporate platform.

Question: Is the Bull Moose Movement a third party or a wing of an existing party?

Answer:  The Bull Moose Movement is NOT a political party, nor does it intend to be.   Our focus is empowering communities through civic education, not getting sucked into the perpetual campaign.

Question:  What does getting involved entail?

Answer:   Once you join our email list you’ll find about actions and events we are doing across the country and be connected to like-minded folks in your local area.

Question: But what if I live in a cave in the middle of nowhere and think actions are pointless?

Answer:  This is 21st century, friend, and there are a lot of ways you can help us online, like leading a policy team.  And if you think standing outside a building waving a banner is ineffectual, don’t worry, we are working on fun, creative ways to raise awareness and challenge the powerful institutions that impede progress.

Question:  Do you support Barack Obama?

Answer:  You mean that socialist, communist, fascist terrorist trying to destroy American values?

Just kidding!  We like President Obama just fine, but we will oppose the Obama administration when its policies are dictated by corporate interests, which is, unfortunately, quite often the case.

Question: Hey…isn’t the Coffee Party sort of doing this?

Answer:  Maybe! It’s unclear exactly what the Coffee Party is up to.  If they support community empowerment through civic education, we will work hand in hand with them. If they focus on electing candidates, we won’t.  We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.


3 responses to “FAQs

  1. Like so many others this election year, I have been appalled by the anonymous donors in pivotal campaigns. I am sick and tired of seeing cleverly disguised interest groups masquerading as “Concerned Voters of America” or “American Crossroads” or any other fronts trying to buy elections for certain candidates. This is not democracy. This is monopoly in its purist form. How dare they. How dare they have the nerve to buy elections when Wall Street is making record profits and unemployment is sky high. We need to take America back from the greedy corporations. We need a government that stands up for the people and not its wallets.

    I understand you as a movement do not want affiliate yourselves as a political group, which I see as a mistake. This year is the year for Bull Moose Party. If the Tea Party (of all things) can get candidates elected, so can the Bull Moose party. The 1912 Progressive Party (aka the Bull Moose Party) had a platform that was way ahead of its time. It included:
    Disclosure and limits on political campaign requirements
    Registration of lobbyists
    Support of woman’s suffrage
    A recall election of an official by popular demand
    Support of the referendum
    and many more.

    The Tea Party has used voter anger and frustration at Washington as their selling point. However, their answers (!) fall short. Their candidates are simply puppets used by David Koch and his cronies to put more coins in his coffers. We need a party that will stand up and fight against billionaires persuading voters. We need a party that battles for the common American. The Bull Moose Party is that party.

    Listen, I’m nobody special. I’m just a 23 year old CU grad living in Boulder that has been fed up and jaded by modern politics. If you really want to send this message home with people, we need to go door-to-door, start calling people, start screaming from soap boxes that we have had enough. Summed up in the perfect quote: “I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore!!” Let’s begin a party that brings sanity back to Washington. A party that listens to the voters. A party that is willing to be progressive and honest. The Bull Moose Movement is that party.

  2. I would like to be notified of Bull Moose News.

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